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Face Worldwide provides public relationship, event organization, advertising productions and graphic design and productions services to all companies, firms and organization majorly. The business of Face Worldwide serviced all over the world, for example, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Australia. The business will be developed continuing in the future.

The cadre in Face Worldwide serviced in the 4A classed interntional advertising firms and sizable PR & Marketing firms. We have built up many famous interntional brand-images to the clients. By virtue of our affluent experience and our professional attitutes, we will provide our high quality and economy services infallibly.

With project management offices on 3 continents, Face Worldwide can provide 24-hour support in any time zone. Our project managers work with leading business process systems so that we can fulfill rush and overnight requests promptly and efficiently.

We provide design and printing serivces to non-profitable organizations. The clients will be dollar-charged. The creative and design section are free-of-charge. The target is to service the community.


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